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Fire Safety Audit

RE: Fire Safety Audit (Fire Safety Order 2005)

Dear Aliated Group / Regular Centre User

Abermule Communtiy Centre has received notification by Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service for a full Fire Safety Audit under Fire Safety order 2005.

This will include an in-depth examination of the centres fire safety system(s), associated arrangements and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are being managed regarding fire safety.

As part of the audit the Communtiy Centre will be required to provide the following evidence.

- A suitable and sucient fire risk assessment by a competent person

- Action plans related to any significant findings of the fire risk assessment

- Fire safety arrangements and policy detailing who is responsible for dierent fires safety measures

- Emergency plans for the premises (what to do in the event of a fire)

- Preventative and protective measures regarding fire

- Fire drills and sta fire training records (who, when, & what training)

- Fire safety maintenance checklist (what is checked, by who, and when)

- Sta information on fire safety and dangerous substances.

- Evidence that the following have been tested by a competent person:- Fire detection and warning system; Emergency lighting; Sprinkler System; Ventilation System; Firefighting equipment; Electrical wiring in the building; Portable appliance testing

The trustee group are in the process of reviewing our fire safety systems, updating and collating documentation in preparation.

The advisory notice indicates that there should be a fire safety risk assessment completed for all regular activity taking place or groups meeting on the premises and these should be available for audit. All aliated groups are requested to provide a copy of their fire safety risk assessment in preparation for the audit by 18/01/2019, these may be submitted by using the details at the top of this letter.

Please do not ignore this request as our compliance with statutory regulation eects our ability to operate as a community venue. Support will be available to groups who need assistance in updating or drafting risk assessment, please get in touch should you need to access this.

Kind Regards

Leon Shearer Chair and Warden - Abermule Communtiy Centre