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COVID-19 Toolkit

Dear All,
I have had many messages about the new restrictions coming into force from Friday, it has taken some time to ascertain guidance on the new rules. I have prepared a brief FAQ which will hopefully address most concerns raised. I have made the questions and responses somewhat generic so it can be used for other Community Venues.

Please get in touch with any further questions so they can be added to this list and circulate as you feel necessary. When circulating, I would be grateful if you could somehow attach my contact details as networking is proving invaluable at this time. 

Are Community Centres able to open from Friday 4th December?
Yes, community centres will be permitted to open. However, the decision on whether to open each individual centre is a choice for each centre individually. The message being given is "just because you can doesn't mean you should".
Some local centres have taken the decision to remain closed because of the risks of transmission or not having sufficient staff members or volunteers to open safely. In some cases, activities may be delivered digitally or outside.
Are their restrictions on the type of activities taking place at or in Community Centres?

Most activity can legally be undertaken in a Community Centre as long as it is organised by a club or recognised body within the legal limits on numbers attending, and does not include the sale or consumption of alcohol.
However, whilst the regulations allow for a wider range of activities than before the firebreak we would urge organisers to consider whether the activity needs to take place indoors, particularly where it has been successfully delivered either virtually or outdoors over the last few months.
The organisers will be responsible for taking all reasonable measures to minimise risk of exposure to coronavirus at the premises or the spread of coronavirus by those who have been at the premises.
Activities involving singing, chanting or shouting should be avoided due to the additional risk of infection, even where physical distancing or face coverings are used. 
There are also some musical instruments such as wind instruments which should not be played indoors. It will be the hirees' responsibility to ensure that all activities are provided in a Covid-secure way.
Can teams sports or exercises classes resume?
Not in the same way. Groups may play sport or exercise in a group of up to 30 people outdoors or 15 people indoors, if this is part of an organised activity managed for example a sports club. Children aged under 11 and those organising the activity (such as coaches) are not included in these numbers, but the organisers will need to take 
all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Many sports are governed by national bodies that may be able to provide further guidance. All groups undertaking such activity are advised to check they are still covered by their insurance providers.
Why type of Events are permitted?
There are some very limited circumstances where gatherings of more than four people who do not all live together are permitted. Different limits apply to some types of organised activities, on the basis that the organisers are under a duty to ensure that they take place in a way that is Covid-secure. 
Examples of activities for which more than four people who do not all live together may gather include:
  • sports and exercise activities
  • educational activities
  • organised activities for children
  • wedding and civil partnership ceremonies and receptions
  • funerals and associated gatherings such as wakes
  • support groups and other groups to support people's health or wellbeing, such as breastfeeding classes or parent and toddler groups.
All of these activities apart from wedding and civil partnership ceremonies and funerals are capped at 15 participants if they take place indoors, or 30 if outdoors. This number does not include any children aged under 11 or people who are working.
While this will clearly not be possible in all circumstances, it remains safer to conduct these activities online where possible. 
Are face coverings required?

Yes, face coverings are required to be worn while on-premises unless there is a 
genuine reason. Face coverings may briefly be removed for identification purposes or to speak to those who are deaf or hard of hearing to allow lip reading.

Additional Considerations 

The current Wales restrictions don’t permit any cross border travel without a reasonable excuse and to take a holiday is not currently considered a reasonable excuse.

  • Controlled entry, with pre-booking where possible and keeping the number of walk-ups to a minimum 

  • Where food is served - Table Service - all food and drink must be ordered, served and consumer at the table.

  • Physical distancing measures must be applied, such as tables being spaced out

  • Groups of up to 4 people (not including any children aged under 11) can meet in a hospitality setting. Single households are permitted to gather in groups of larger than four, but this must be verified by the premises

  • Face coverings must be worn by staff and customers, other than when seated to eat or drink 

  • Contact details (name, phone, date and time of arrival and departure) must be collected and retained for 21 days for NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect service. In all premises, customers are required to provide verification of their name when filling in contact details

  • Live music should only take place if the venue can demonstrate that risks can be mitigated. TV broadcasts should be kept at low volume

A comprehensive risk assessment should be in place for the venue and each activity taking place.

Abermule Communtiy Centre is committed to provide a safe and comfortable environment to all volunteers and Centre users. From the 20th of July, Community Centres in Wales have have been able to reopen.

The trustee group have completed a compressive risk assessment in line with national guidance and legislation. This has identified safe systems, additional equipment, signage, additional cleaning, which we have installed / implemented at the Centre.

Wall mounted alcohol hand gel dispensers are installed outside each room. Each room is also equipped with disinfectant wipes and a pump action hand gel dispenser. PPE such as disposable gloves are also available.

All groups are required to complete a risk assessment prior to accessing the Centre a copy should be provided to the Communtiy Centre. This is so we can ensure that there are no issues with others that may also be in the building and we are able to offer any additional support if required. This may also identify measures that may benefit other Centre users.

Whilst at the centre it is essential that all users comply with signage and other directions.

To comply with social distancing regulations we have had to temporarily adjust the operational capacity of all of our rooms. Please consider this when planning meetings and group activity, you may wish to consider using the Main Hall as this has a greater space and higher capacity (this may mean adjusting your normal meeting dependant on availability). The centre may also allocate parking areas or ask you to stagger starting times to ensure that multiple groups using the Centre do not cause “bottle necks” or “pinch points”.

We have already increased the Centre cleaning schedule to ensure facilities are cleaned more frequently. However, to ensure that the necessary standards are maintained and to limit cross contamination between groups, we have made the decision to implement fixed time-slots for evening bookings. This will mean only one group will be able to access each room during an evening session. We are able to be slightly more flexible with our daytime bookings.

Fixed booking slots along with reduced room capacity will reduce the availability of Centre facilities, groups may not be able to meet as frequently as usual. When you are ready to return to Abermule Community Centre, please contact us so we can book your rooms. All previous bookings have been cancelled and at present the self-booking facility is not in operation. We will do our best to accommodate you, however, we will ask groups to be flexible whilst this is in operation.

On this page you will find useful resources to support you and your group in safely accessing Abermule Communtiy Centre.

For further assistance, please contact info@abermule.cymru

Current Occupational Capacity:

Main Hall 37
Hafren 15
Canteen 15

Recently Updated
In accordance with COVID-19 legislation, face masks are now required in all areas.
To reduce the risk of cross contamination at potential "pinch points", each room has an allocated entrance. Please check which door you should enter by. Your group leader will open the door when they are ready for you to enter the building.
Please wash or sanitise you hands when you enter the building. Alcohol gel dispensers have been installed by the doorway of each room. Portable dispensers are also available in each room.
A one way system is in operation by the main entrance, please keep to the left of the barriers to allow safe movement around the centre.
Lone Workers, Group Leaders, Centre Volunteers and Trustees should all scan their proxy pass before entering Abermule Communtiy Centre.

If you are a group leader, please collect your Contact Tracing pack before heading to your room.

Abermule Community Centre COVID-19 Risk Assessment.