Food Hygine at Abermule Communtiy Centre Strength in Community

Use of Abermule Communtiy Centre Kitchen is subject to the Booking, Fire Safety and Health and Safety policies. These are available online at or upon request from the centre warden.

The due diligence log sheet should be completed where food or drink is prepared at Abermule Communtiy Centre for Affiliated Groups or where food is supplied to the public.

External caterers should keep their own due diligence record, when using external caterers you are advised to check that they are registered with a local authority and retain details should they be required.

Abermule Communtiy Centre accepts no liability for foods supplied by centre users or affiliated groups.

After use, equipment must be cleaned appropriately and returned to its original location

Items belonging to Abermule Communtiy Centre must not be removed

Manuals are available for the following kitchen appliances
a. Water Heater / Hydroboil

b. Dishwasher;
c. Hob/Ovens;
D. George Forman Grills

e. Fridge/Freezer.

Foods kept in the fridge or freezer must be clearly labelled with
Owner, date of opening, contents, use by date. Any unlabelled food will be disposed of upon finding.

After use work surfaces must be cleaned and sanitised

Cooker hobs and backsplash should be cleaned using a soft cloth- do not use a scourer.

Pans, utensils and containers used must be washed and returned to their original location

Before leaving the kitchen, make sure that all appliances and lights are switched off and all refuse is removed and disposed of in relevant recycling container located to the rear of the Main Hall.